Construction Defect

Buildings have problems

Kenji Kozuma and Lowell McKelvey have been at the cutting edge of construction defect litigation for many years. They have represented homeowners, developers, general contractors and subcontractors of all trades in the highly specialized and often confusing arena of construction defect. Kenji and Lowell know how to litigate these cases, whether representing homeowners and renters, or defending the tradespeople who built the building.  Knowing how to litigate both sides gives McKelvey Kozuma PC an advantage in settlement and trial, every time.

McKelvey Kozuma PC advocates for owners in the increasingly busy realm of defective and substandard construction, whether involving single-family residences, attached and multi-family housing, or commercial projects. Whether you need help with a construction dispute or establishing a claim on a contractor’s bond or need to file a construction defect lawsuit to unlock insurance money and get your residence or building fixed, McKelvey Kozuma PC will put its experience to work and guide you through the process from start to finish.